Kinky SSHG

The following are some wonderfully kink-filled SSHG goodness written for hp_kinkfest. Read and review if you haven't already! :)

The Kiss by helenarickman Some addictions cannot be controlled. - Featured Kink: Lick

Old Magic by darkheartwalsh The damage to his voice had remained, rendering him silent. Mute. And perhaps that was why he loved to listen to her. Hermione. Why her voice, so commanding, precise, the cadences so like his own, had such an effect upon him. - Featured Kink: Voice kink

Undone by lenaa1987 After the war, a curious witch turns her attention to her darkly fascinating Professor. The lines of propriety are blurred. Regency AU. - Featured Kink: Gloved hands

Inked by roxannepackard When Snape gets fed up with Hermione being a know it all, he has her stay after class for an unusual punishment. - Featured Kink: Writing/Ink - Calligraphy Brushes

A Price Too Steep: A Hermione/Remus Ficlet

Title: A Price Too Steep
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin
Prompt: one by one
Rating: T
Word Count: 511 words
Summary: Hermione doesn't know how she'll be able to move forward. Remus is there to comfort her.
Author's Notes: Includes: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Referenced Character Death, Takes Place After the Battle of Hogwarts. Many thanks to K_lynne317 for being my beta. xx

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